Create a Pitch Perfect ‘About Me’ Page – 5 Tips and 9 Examples

perfect about me page

Blog owners aren’t really serious about their ‘About Me’ page. 

There, I have said it and I say this for a reason. 


There are so many badly written ‘About Me’ pages out there, and I find it surprising that in an era where Google is continually coming down heavily on sites with bad content (a case in point being the recent ‘medic update'), why aren’t bloggers creating a great ‘About Me’ page. It boggles the mind! 

It’s not enough that you have informative content pieces on your blog; Google now wants to know whether you are qualified enough to offer all the information you are providing on your blog. And your readers want to know too.

So, if you are having trouble coming up with a great ‘About Me’ page, here are some tips that will help you on your way:

Keep it Simple and Meaningful

Don’t beat around the bush. 

Introduce yourself in the first few lines of your About Me page, and in the next few lines talk about your credentials as a blogger and why you are best placed to run that particular blog and offer the kind of information published on the it.

about Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen is a content marketing maven and her credentials speak for themselves. 

This is illustrated in her About Me page which is simple, straightforward and doesn’t waste the readers time. It has her picture, her bio and right at the end there is a bit of promotion going on with respect to her marketing guides; all in all a clean About Me that doesn’t try too hard to impress.

Make an Interesting Pitch

Heidi Cohen’s About Me page works because she’s a reputed figure in her niche and as mentioned earlier, her credentials are right up there amongst the best.

But what if you don’t want to take the credentials route, you can think about making an attention-grabbing pitch. Add a touch of uniqueness and quirk to the page and make it purposeful. Something that Jordan Vitanov, does really well.

jordan vitanov

The ‘About Me’ page is also his Home Page and he has succinctly introduced himself and his skillsets and all this info is wrapped up in an interesting design. If I were to rate this pitch from the design point of view, I would rate it excellent.

Answer the Question - Why I started the blog?

One of the ways, you can really and I mean really capture the attention of visitors to your blog is telling them why you are doing what you are doing, meaning why you actually thought of creating the blog. But remember- do not bore them with a long winding answer. 

Do it the way Jeff Bullas, does it on his blog.

about Jeff Bullas

The man has a brilliantly crafted About Me page. Right at the very top, he has information about where has been featured on, then he directly starts talking about why he created the page, then he offers a very brief timeline and finishes it up with his credentials. 

Yes, in this case the credentials are at the end.

Bolster it with Figures

If you really want to transform your About Me into a lead generation machine, why not add a few figures to bolster your claim. Something along the lines of what Neil Patel is doing on his website. There is no doubting the impact of such figures on the psyche of your potential customers.

about Neil Patel

Numbers add credibility and there is no getting around this fact. If you are showing numbers on your website, you are making your claim more trustworthy. These numbers are inspiring trust and this is a valuable commodity.

Think Out of the Box

Derek Halpern’s About Me Page on his blog Social Triggers is a case study on how to be creative when it comes to designing your About Me page and writing content for it.

He has an amazingly creative page that is all about him and his expertise. It’s got a hero banner with his image followed by third-party endorsements, again followed by actionable content and finally a little bit about Derek Halpern. The copy is also very creative, and says it like it is. 

At no point do you feel you are wasting your time when you are on the page.

about us page social triggers

By out of the box thinking, I don’t mean doing stuff that might shock and awe; in About Me parlance, out-of-the-box is all about finding out new ways to make an impression on the visitor and thus improve conversions. Remember, they are not on your About Me page to see how good or bad it is. 

They are there to know whether your blog/website can be trusted and whether they can trust your expertise or not.

The 'Bio' About Me Page

Earlier, we have talked about thinking out of the box. So, think of a situation wherein you have lots to say, but wondering how you can put your points across in the best way possible. Think. Points. Yes, that’s the way to go; and that’s what Jeff Greenspan has done.

Insert Image

He has a great looking About Me page and very different from the others you see on the web. All you see is a title and various pointers within the title. Each title covers what Jeff believes is important to make readers make a decision to work with him. 

The About Me page is easy to read, and also has an element of humor where he discusses a point about ‘Public Humiliation’.

 It’s basically an About Me page that is completely on-point.

Exude Sophistication and Offer Detailed Information 

Very often, what separates the good About Me pages from the excellent About Me pages is sophistication and the amount of detail that is packed into the page.

Sophistication is nothing but clean design, that isn’t garish and doesn’t try too hard to make a point. 

Also, there are some pages that offer drill-down information about the person and why you need to work with him/her. There are a series of third-party endorsements and numbers all packed into one great looking About Me page, like the one Ryan Robinson, has created. 

It is a mix of sophisticated detailing.

about ryan robinson

The page is packed with information and every piece of information goes a long way to endorse Ryan. Not a word is out of place and the placement of images and the nature of copy is just spot on. Each section of the page offers actionable information that has the potential to convert visitors into leads.

Is that it?

Not by a long shot it isn’t. The thing to understand here is that in order to get perfectionism in your About Me page, you will have to do a bit of trial and error. Start off with a simple design and content along the lines of this page:

about — carli evilsizer

This About Me page looks great, but if you want to add some more info, you can move to something link this:

about us sparktoro

The idea is to be dynamic when it comes to your About Me page. Don’t be static and stick to just one particular page layout. If you think changing the layout will offer better ROI, go for it. But focus on two core aspects – presentation and impact. 

Both can be measured by the number of visitors that actually move to the services section of your site or go on to read your posts. 

Take a cue from the examples given in this article, but take your own decisions based on your objectives. All the best!

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