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150+ Ways to Promote Your Blog: (Free) Strategies to Boost Visibility and Traffic

how to promote your blog

Your blog doesn’t exist in a silo. You have created a blog for a specific purpose. You know your blog’s purpose better than I do, but what I do know is that your blog needs readers (traffic). What this really translates into is that your blog needs to be more visible to your target readers. You must promote your blog and make sure it reaches its intended audience.

No traffic = Unsuccessful blog = Wasted Effort = Disappointment

So, once you start your blog, the question – ‘How to promote blog content?’ should be uppermost in your minds. Your blog is like your baby; it needs to be nurtured with love and affection for it to grow. Also add single-minded purpose and diligence to the mix. It won’t grow on its own. You need to make a sustained effort at promoting blog content to ensure its success.

I know what you are going to say, “Hey but I am just starting out! I am new at this”. Well, you might be new, have mid-level expertise or an experienced blogger, but you cannot avoid promoting your blog. It’s something that cannot be placed on the backburner.

So for the sake of bloggers with varied experience I have divided the blog promotion tactics into the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Category. At the end of the day, you have to use every tactic and trick in the book to further your blog’s cause. If you are already in the game for a number of years and still not doing something that is mentioned in the ‘beginner’ category, don’t ignore the tactic. Go ahead and implement it.

So without wasting any time, here they are:

Beginners – Blog Promotion Strategies

1. Think carefully about what you want to achieve

Before you even start thinking of promotion, be very clear about what you want to achieve from your promotional activities. For most bloggers, their primary goal is getting more traffic to the blog, increasing readership and finally earning money from their blogging efforts. Thinking about blog ROI, monetary or otherwise is important to get your promotional strategy right.

2. Don’ t think of Promotions; Think of quality posts

If your blog is going to work, you need to think about the quality of your post. A high quality post is honest, actionable, valuable, comprehensive, relatable, audience-oriented and understandable. If you make sure all your posts have these qualities, you have set the ball rolling to get the attention of your audience. Your promotional activities will only succeed if your blog has content that its target readers will love to read. Powerful reader-oriented articles will set your blog up to attract more eyeballs.

3. Know what your audience wants; Then deliver

We have still not got to the ‘promotions’ bit yet. A quality post can be written, only if you know what your audience wants. No, you do not have to gaze into your crystal ball for this purpose. There are plenty of tools that can help you out and you don’t have to pay for them. Google Trends, Buzzsumo, Boardreader, TweetDeck and many others give you the insights you need. Many of these are social media listening tools, and offer clarity on trending topics and content.

4. SEO for Your Blog

We’ve talked about using Keyphrases as the beginner level of blogging. But when you are a little bit ahead of the stage, you need to go for full-fledged SEO tactics for your blog. There are umpteen resources that you can find on the web for this purpose. But this handy checklist here is sure to get you started!

5. Use a Keyword Research Strategy

Once you’re a familiar with the concept of SEO and how to use it for your blog, get started with a detailed keyword research strategy. This is one of the most obvious content promotion tactic used by industry professionals. This Nutshell Guide by CMI will be of immense help!

6. Post regularly

As a beginner, irregularity in posting blogs can play havoc with your promotional efforts. You need to publish posts regularly irrespective of your niche. Make no mistake, it is a huge challenge, but you must overcome it. So, should you post daily? No, of course not as, this article clearly establishes. So how often should one blog? Neil Patel has offered his views on the subject, and reading them will give you more clarity. They key here is to pace yourself and make sure you must have a really strong topic to write on, to boost blog traffic. Don’t post just to maintain regularity, post to deliver value to your audience. But, don’t make the mistake of not updating your blog for days on end.

Nobody said blogging was easy.

7. Well-researched content

Well-researched here refers to long-form content, typically 3000 words and more. Long-from content ranks well means it increases blog traffic, it’s shared more. The last is a critical blog promotion technique.

well researched content


This article on creating long-form content will help you create the kind of long-form content that works.

8. Social Media buttons

Make sure you have these buttons on your blog right where you readers can see them. Don’t just place ‘share’ buttons on your site, make sure you have ‘follow’ buttons as well. Think about how well you can optimize the use of these buttons. Read this article to get in-depth information on the kind of social media buttons you can have up, on your blog.

9. Share your content (every possible place)

Social media gives you an easy way to reach out to a wider audience. When you create a post, share its link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and any other social media platform you find relevant. Initially, you should just share your post’s links across social media platforms, all of them. Later, you could sift out the ones, not really helping your cause and focus on those that are effective.

10. Share your content immediately after you post

Don’t wait. This sound like a ‘silly’ tip considering, you will do it anyways won’t you. Or will you? You will be amazed at the number of times bloggers don’t immediately share a link to a post they published on their blog. When this happens, you run the danger of the content getting outdated (yes it can in a day). Say you have published a blog that covers information on a feature update, but you forget to share it with all your business’ social accounts and also your personal accounts. Somebody else publishes content on the same subject a few days later but shares it to every one of his social accounts. Result – he beat you to it. His post will get more traction because he’s shared it before you shared your post.

So don’t miss the bus.

11. Don’t just share your posts

Don’t stick with to share your posts. Yes, that’s important, but share other aspects of your blog as well, your Home Page for instance. Or you can share a third party post you like a lot and can give your take on it in a few lines. Or you can create a small graphic about your domain or a few tips, thought for the day or share a person story; the list of what you can share is endless. This will generate interest in your social profile, your blog and yourself as a person.

12. Link your blog and social media identity

Don’t just share content; make sure that your blog is an intrinsic part of your social media identity. This will increase visibility and credibility. Place the link to your blog in your social media profile. The top bloggers/digital marketing thought leaders/ influencers do it, you should too.

link your blog and social media identity

13. Also, Mention Other URLs of Importance

It is not just your company, brand or personal blog URL that should feature on your social media bio/descriptions. You also have to make sure that you include some other important URLs. They can be temporary and you can always edit them in the future. For instance, if you recently got your work published on a reputed site, mention it. Similarly, don’t shy away from mentioning any upcoming event that you’ll be participating in. Get the drift?

14. Build your network (read: contact list) on social media

Keep building your social media contacts. Start connecting with people, sending in friend requests on Facebook, follower requests on Twitter, contact requests on LinkedIn and so on and so forth. Become active on social media, and don’t just share your posts. Share third party posts as well, especially those of your followers. This will improve the chances of your blog posts being shared by them to too. Once you have started this process, make specific pages for your blog, a ’la the Facebook fan page.

15. Build your offline network

Start by attending local blogger events, and then widen your geographical footprint as you go along. Also attend conferences provided, the admission is free or the entry fee is at the lower end of the scale. Make sure you have a card on hand that mentions your blog. Talk about the latest posts you have written, why you’ve written them and their traction. Think of this as a PR activity for your blog.

16. Re-share your posts

Co-schedule has a very informative post laying out the reasons why you must share your social media posts multiple times. So, if you are sharing a link to your post on Facebook, Twitter etc. do so time and again, especially till they are fresh. This will ensure your post reaches a wider audience, who earlier might have missed come across your share. Google Calendar is a great tool you can use for this purpose.

17. Add Those Images!

It is said that Facebook posts with images get 2.3x more engagement and tweets with images get 150% more retweets. Hence, adding image should be the first and foremost rule that applies to all your posts irrespective of the platform you’re posting. If it is a tweet, add an GIF, Meme or a static image supporting it. You can follow suit for Facebook and LinkedIn as well. But when the platform is already based on content sharing, especially images, such as Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, you need to make an extra effort to make your images look as good as the post, or even better!

18. Always Post the Images Separately

It’s one thing to share an image with your posts. But in order to maximize their impact, always post the images separately. If you’re on Facebook, you can post a series of images with caption and proper date to guarantee maximum viewership. Also, while creating an album on the platform, do choose the name and the thumbnail of the album wisely.

19. Ditch Stock Photography

If you regularly read blogging advice, you’ll come across this point quite frequently. Because it is true! Never rely on stock photograph as they are all over the place! People are bored of looking at these generic images time and again. Giving them original, high-resolution images is the trick you need to follow here if you really want them to pay attention to your blog!

20. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging involves publishing content on third-party blogs. Pick reputed blogs in your niche that accepts guest posts. Google ‘submit a guest post’, ‘guest post by’, ‘guest contributor’ and other key phrases along the same lines to find out the sites that accept posts. Sift through them to identify the sites that belong to your niche. While such lists are also a great way to search for sites that accept guest posts, initially approach sites that are easy to get into and then progress to the more high profile sites. And why is all this necessary – This article tells you why.

21. Build an email list

An email list is essentially a list of emails that you can send notifications to, about the last updates on your blog. But for that to happen, you need to build an email list. This video from Quick Sprout University is a comprehensive read on the subject. Read it and implement the tips. It will be well worth the effort.

22. Send emails at the best times

The best times are those wherein you are expected to get the more opens and clickthroughs. It doesn’t make sense to send an email and it remaining unopened or worse, being deleted from the inbox. According to WordStream, the best time to send emails is between 8-9 am on Thursdays. There are other reports that point out to a different day and time. The key here is to do your own bit of research. Find out which day and time do your email perform best. Then stick to that day to send your email.

23. Talk about your blog updates in your email

Don’t sell stuff or promote any product or service via email. There is only one purpose of the email you are sending and that is promoting your blog content. A simple plain text email will suffice. For more tips on writing amazing emails, offers some of the best tips that will stay with you.

24. Email Them a Weekly Digest

Yes, the once-a-weekly digest email can work for you, provided that you have that kind of volume. It can be a mix of your latest posts, news from the industry, some interesting tidbits and a call-to-action that leads the readers back to your website!

25. Respond to Blog Comments

Engagement is essential for better promotion. Blog comments, that is relevant blog comments must be replied to, and you should use these replies as a launching pad to build relationships with the commentator. Think about it for a second; a reader posts feedback about a post in its comments section and you reply to it. A conversation gets going in the comments section, which results in a Twitter follow or LinkedIn contact. Insightful conversation can also make that commentator a regular reader of the blog. This is promotion.

26. Actively comment On Other Blogs or Platforms

Don’t be selfish, spread the love, or shall we say ‘comments’. Develop a reading habit, if you haven’t one and start reading posts by other bloggers. Be an ardent commentator on their posts; you will find that this ‘love’ will be reciprocated in equal measure.

comment on other blogs


27. Approach Bloggers

This is an extended version of social media outreach wherein you actually build and implement an outreach plan for bloggers. This involves creating a list of bloggers who you want to connect with, and coming up with a very good reason why this connection is important and how it will serve the interests of both you and the bloggers.

28. Implement Good Internal Linking

It is no hidden fact that using proper interlinking is a prerequisite for enhancing the SEO on your website. This will make sure that your past posts will also receive new viewers and the traffic for your past posts will transfer to your new posts and increase their visibility.

29. Increase Posting Frequency

Prolific writer or not, you need to increase your posting frequency on your website and subsequently, share the same on your social media channels. This will make you quite active on the platforms and you will not enter the “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” zone.

30. Keep refining your email – Trial and Error

email open rate

The email open rate was around 24.79% in 2017. Here’s the hard truth – Most emails remain unopened. It’s important to keep trying and making sure your email open rate goes up. This article by Samantha Harrington on Forbes tells you how you can make more and more people to read your mails. The tips are great, so use them to refine your emails. Remember, a plain text email will do provided it is well-written, and makes its point clearly and concisely.

31. Write Some Bloody Good Subject Lines

The eternal trick to get people to read your emails in the first place is to write some spectacular subject lines. Because if they do not open the email, what are your subscribers going to read? Here are some instances of amazing subject lines that you can use.

32. Make it easy to share your content from email

Why not give your mail’s recipients a chance to share the link to your content from the mail itself? There are plenty of social plugins you can use for this purpose. The advantage you are giving yourself here is that in the off chance that the recipient doesn’t have time to read your content, he/she will still share you content’s link as you’ve made it easy for to do so.

33. Use email signatures

One of the things that jacks up the credibility of your email is your email signature. I am not just talking about all those emails you will be sending to your opt-in list. I am talking about all emails. Create an email signature; there are plenty of free email signature generators available on the web, make good use of them. And, add the link to your blog in your signature.

34. Include Ready to Tweet Messages

Whether it is your posts, or emails, do include a ready to tweet message in them. This will let people instantly share that portion of the email or post with a single click, irrespective of whether they read the entire post or email or not!

35. Send “In Case You Missed It” Email

When you find that people didn’t open your first email within a week of sending it, resend it to those individuals using a subject line that asks them to read it in case they missed it the first time!

36. Email People Mentioned in the Content

Beginner level blogger or not, you can always mention companies and individuals in your content. It can be a shoutout to a fellow blogger who has just started blogging alongside you or someone who has contributed to a quote. Once you do this, send them a mail thanking them for their inputs as well as gently nudging them to share the post with their readers/followers (or any other specific action you want them to take).

37. Recover From Email Bounces

Email bounces are very real. You can recover from them by tracking the subscriber on LinkedIn and reconnect with them. At this point, you may want to offer them to subscribe to your mailing list once more! Alternatively, you can also use Facebook’s retargeting feature to get in touch with people who have viewed your site or exist in your email database.

38. Leverage Forums

I am sure you’ve heard about Quora. There are plenty of other forums along the same lines wherein people come looking for answers and there are other people who are giving them answers. Why not use these forums to enhance your credibility and make sure everyone knows, your name is indelibly linked with your blog. Your credibility will rub off on your blog. You can drive traffic from Quora to your blog. Quora is the most popular forum out there, but Answers, Ask and others are not far behind. Google for forums, join the ones that you feel are right for you and get active on them.

39. Use Social Bookmarking

I know what you are going to say, “Social book marking is so outdated and doesn’t work anymore.” Well, there is a difference between ‘old’ and ‘outdate’. The latter means it doesn’t work anymore. Well, think of it as just one of those link building activities that can send traffic to your blog. Don’t overdo it. Here’s a nice article on social bookmarking and here’s another with a list of social bookmarking sites.

40. Use Aggregate Sites and Up-Vote communities

I know the words ‘aggregate’ and ‘up-vote’ might make you think that this strategy isn’t for beginners, but read on and you will realize it’s pretty easy. Aggregators sites are those that bring together content from many different sources on a particular topic. Sites like Alltop, Popurls, Triberr, Reddit, Inbound, StumbleUpon and others are some sites that you can use. Sharing your content on these sites will help you reach out to an audience that is actually searching for your kind of content.

The up-vote is nothing but an opportunity for people to like or dislike your content. The more awesome your content the more up-vote it gets, which means it gets read by more number of people. I know what you are thinking –“It’s simple”.

41. Make a Killing on Flipboard

If you haven’t already used Flipboard, now would be a good time to do so. You can easily sign up for the app using your smart device or on your browser and start adding your content to your magazine. At the same time, keep adding other similar write-ups in your niche to create a spectacular digital magazine. Do this more often so that it is updated and attracts readers. Don’t forget to add content from leading publishers as well, to get the desired results.

42. No Harm In Asking Readers To Share

Initially, when you are just starting out, be upfront about what you want your blog’s readers to do. What you want them to do is ‘share’ your content, so tell them. As a blogger who’s just started out on his blogging journey, you want all the help you can get and you need to tell your readers this. This is one of the critical blog promotion tactics and in fact why limit this to your blog; make this fact known across forums and the social media platforms you are using.

43. Ask People in Your Circle to Spread The Word

If you’re running a company or have a huge circle of family and friends, make use of it and ask everyone you know to share your post or at least, spread the word about your blog as a goodwill.

44. Blog in Series

You can always blog in series, post the blogs on social media and ask your target audience to read the previous or next part. This is a hook that will keep them at it for a long time. At the very least, if you’re sharing this on a platform like Facebook, they’ll save the post for reading later. But that is an action, which is better than taking no action on a post!

45. Be patient, keep at it, have fun

Results won’t come in a hurry. The key here is to do what you are doing over the long term. The short answer to, ‘how to promote blog content’ is ‘with patience’. Also, make sure you are having a whale of time implementing all these tactics. If you think of this as a job that you got to do, you will either get bored, irritated or impatient if the tactics are showing results. So keep calm, have fun.

46. Pin the Post on Twitter Feed

If there’s a post you want to highlight and promote the most, pin it on your Twitter feed. This will help people view the post when they visit your profile. Don’t forget to include image and craft a compelling tweet to accompany it.

ian schafer twitter profile

47. Tweet an Excerpt from the Content

Have an interesting component in your content that’s immensely sharable? If you do have excerpts such as a stat or a worthy piece of information, you can tweet them and provide the link to the post. This will definitely help you increase the clickthrough rate. You can follow this tip for other social media platforms as well, but make sure that you tailor the content using the channels’ best features!

48. Attach a Keyphrase

Keyphrases can make or break your blog’s promotion. They can help you increase the search volume and help you rank for that particular phrase, depending on your domain authority. Even if you don’t want to get into all the technicalities, what you can do is to find such phrases and use them at the beginning of the title, in the header of the post, meta descriptions and at least four times in the body text. This will surely boost the blog’s traffic.

49. Place it on the Homepage

If you’re a beginning level blogger who’s using platform such as Blogger or WordPress, choose a template, where you can display your latest post(s) on the homepage. If you have a website, then add it to your homepage manually. This is because a homepage is one of the most popular pages on any site and can guarantee you more views than the landing pages.

50. Ask Your People to Share

If you’re running a business, make sure that you encourage (and not push) all your employees to show some love to your blog by sharing it on their social media channel. For individuals who have started blogging for personal reasons, you can always rely on your family and friends to do the same.

51. Work With Micro-Influencers

When you want to promote your blog content without spending a fortune on it, try working with micro-influencers. These are influencers who have a follower count circling around 10000 or more. It is true that they will have a smaller audience size, but they will surely give your blog the push that it needs by sharing your content at a nominal price!

Intermediate – Blog Promotion Strategies

52. Collect email IDs/Network

Collecting email ids is no uphill task, provided you know how to do it right! One of the best ways to collect them is by using a contact form on your page, via subscriptions or directly by networking with fellow bloggers, readers and other people who may be interested in your blog’s content.

53. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the norm. Use the apt ones and your posts can be easily found by others. In fact, on social media platforms, it is the hashtags that can help your blog succeed. For instance, on Instagram, users can not only follow accounts, but also have the option to follow hashtags. So, by uploading quality images or stories with your blog account and using hashtags that are popular on the platform, you can achieve tremendous success and growth on various platforms. You can make do with the images on your blog posts as well and provide a link to that post. Just don’t go for an overkill by using too many hashtags! Learning the hashtag etiquettes may help your cause.

54. Find hashtags in your niche

There are billions of hashtags, with new ones probably created this very second as you read the post. In this scenario, how can you possibly find the relevant hashtags in your niche? After doing some trial runs, we found some of the best ways to go about this. To begin with, research the industry leaders, thought leaders or influencers in your niche and what sort of hashtags they use. Next, research the hashtags your audience and competitors are using.

55. Share at apt time

The simple rule of the thumb for posting your blogs on social media is to post them when your target audience are more likely to view them and interact with them. That being said, each social media platform has a different time for sharing posts to help boost more engagement, drive more traffic and add more followers. CoSchedule’s detailed infographic delves deep into the ideal time for posting or sharing your content on various social media channels.

For instance, if you want to post on Pinterest, the ideal time is between 8 – 11 pm on Saturdays. For LinkedIn, schedule the posts between 5-6 pm midweek, or Tuesday at 10-11 am. Similarly, posting on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ include a different set of optimal time.

56. Improve your bio on social media

Improving your bio on social media takes just a few minutes. Some quick tips to make your social media bio work for your blog are:
* Include keywords that are relevant so that your profile shows up when people conduct a search on the platform or on search engines
* On platforms such as LinkedIn, do fill every field required to reach an all-star profile and also, to explain everything that you have to offer.
* Make the copy fun and uniquely you!
* Know what to write for a business bio and what to write for a personal bio.
* Link your publications and other social profiles in the bio.
* Promote the latest post by including the link in your profile bio.

Krista Rodman twitter profile

57. Improve your social profile

While you’re at it, also take time to improve your social profile. Make sure that you use the right size of photos for your display or profile picture and your cover picture. Because let’s face it, pixelated, blurred and oddly cropped images will not make a great impression on your target audience! Get started by knowing the right image sizes for leading social media platforms.

perkbox twitter profile

58. Use Tools

There are several tools such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Buffer, which let you schedule your social media posts. At the same time, these tools can help you choose other blogs and people to follow. Make it a point to use their basic versions first, get a hang and proceed to use the advanced versions.

59. Directly Connect with Influencers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an underutilized platform but it can help you reach out and connect with a lot of relevant people in your niche, including the influencers. You can try leaving them a direct, personal message and compel them to read, comment on and share your content. And make no mistake, not every influencer on LinkedIn will have the ‘in’ or influencer symbol on their profile as the platform decides on its own. You can do your research to find out about influencers on the platform and connect with them.
A quick tip: Get started on connecting with the connections of the influencers so that they are at least a 2nd degree connection for you.

patrick de laive linkedIn

60. Connect With People Who Share Similar Content

Networking can make you go places and what better way than to network with people who have written and shared similar content as you! You can always find them using hashtags on social media platforms or on search engines. Comment on their posts, compliment them on a well-written write-up to get the camaraderie going and before you know it, they will also connect with you, read and provide feedback on your posts.

61. Connect With People Who Have Linked To Similar Content

Just like the pointer mentioned above, make it a point to connect with people, who have linked other content in their posts that have resemblance to what you write. This is where you can contact them on the platform or via email and invite them to your blog or website and checkout the latest posts. Maybe, they will link your content too in their latest posts!

62. Catch Them With Contests

Just like giveaways, contests are sure-shot traffic generators. They assure of grabbing the eyeballs and getting your blog and website the attention that it truly deserves. There are a plethora of option when it comes to running contests. Just take your pick from the best of the lot so as to determine the kind of traffic that you need.

It can be as simple as people taking a quiz or coming up with a catchy tagline to define your brand. Assure them of some great goodies so that they show the contest some love and also share the word about it. Don’t forget to take your target audience into consideration when it comes to deciding the prize. If it is an all-women’s club, then skin care products will really go down well with them. For teenagers, maybe some back-to-school stuff or a Netflix gift card will be a big deal.

This infographic will tell you more about hosting online contests.

63. Write Evergreen Posts

Evergreen posts have content that are never outdated. These will always continue to drive traffic from the search engine and rank high in the SERPs. Some examples of these posts include How To articles, giving a step-by-step tutorials on everyday basics or exploring a simple topic in great detail. You may even give content curation tools a try when you feel an acute lack of ideas. After all, not every day is the same!

64. Explore Trending Topics

Opposite to evergreen posts, you can also write timely topic that is of buzz at the moment. For example, in conjunction to E!’s launch of Life of Kylie, you can do a review of Kylie’s Lip Kits or discuss about the new Samsung smart phone.
To help you pick a subject, you can use tools like Google Trends to find out what subject is on demand at the time.

trending topics

65. Use Plenty of Visuals

Human attention span is less than that of a goldfish. Which is why, visuals are here to help you capture the attention of your target audience. From videos, charts or simply the memes, you can take your pick and let it do the talking. We’ll cover more on visuals in other points of the write-up.

66. Collaborate with an Expert

When in doubt, always bring an expert in. It not only increases the trust and credibility, but also gives your blog mileage. It’s not that difficult a task, if you make up your mind and ask around. There are a lot of kind folks out there, who will be glad to offer their expertise, on your blog or website. As an alternative, you can also do an interview with them. LinkedIn is a great place that can give you a head start as you can add them to your network and connect with them on a one-to-one basis.

67. Join Relevant Facebook Groups

This one needs no introduction if you already know what a Facebook group is and what it does. From providing your expert opinion to solving users’ queries, these groups can be immensely beneficial to gain more traffic. You can also search for niche specific groups on the social media platform . For instance, if you have a blog related to travel, here are some groups for travel bloggers. Similarly, you can target other groups as well.

68. Create Your Own Facebook Group

Don’t find a relevant Facebook group that caters to your niche or interests? Create one of your own and make it grow from the ground up! Make sure to add something insightful to the group every day without fail or the members will tend to lose interest and leave without a second thought!

69. Share to Google+ Communities

Contrary to what the world says, Google+ is NOT dead. You can use its CircleCount feature to find communities and profiles relevant to your niche. Be an active member here by taking initiative to comment on others’ posts and also, sharing a mix of promotional and non-promotional content.

70. LinkedIn Groups

If you’re a startup, an entrepreneur, someone who is seeking to land a job via his or her website or blog, LinkedIn can present a wealth of opportunities. One such opportunities is there on LinkedIn Groups, where you can easily network with numerous industry thought leaders, peers and people to whom you can provide your expert opinion or from whom you can land a piece of essential advice. Find no such group? Fret not as you can create one of your own!

71. Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are real-time conversations, which can help you interact directly with your community and especially, your potential customers. Even if you don’t really participate that actively on them, you can always “eavesdrop” and find out what social conversations are taking the platform by storm. Alternatively, you too can host a Twitter chat and ask others to join it. This step-by-step guide will pave the way for you to host or join a Twitter chat.

72. Blogging communities

Blogging communities are hubs where bloggers come, interact, appreciate and share each other’s content. Participating in them

can help you increase the shares for your blog posts, thereby, getting better numbers whether it is in terms of the traffic or people viewing the posts and engaging. Viral Content Bee  and Triberr can be used for this purpose.

73. Turn it into a Slide

SlideShare is an amazing place where you can turn the content into a slide and get the advantage of reaching out to its millions of monthly unique visitors. While you are at it, don’t forget to optimize the title and description!

turn it into a slide


74. Use Content Communities

Sometimes, guest posting takes up more time that you anticipate. In this scenario, what you can do is settle for content communities. Some of them accept direct submission and get you the desired attention and traffic from the community members.

75. Share on the Tumblr Feed

Tumblr has a huge follower base, who throng the site for photos, illustrations and mostly other visual content. You can use the platform to post your blog updates by using a visual that captures the attention of the audience. Do include a link in the posts and write catchy descriptions!

76. Syndicate To Blogs

This one’s easy. You need to source blogs that accept syndicated content and pitch your idea to them. The only hard work you need to do is build the repository of website for this purpose. This gives you a huge opportunity to channelize their audience to your website and increase the readership. To get started, you can take a look at this mammoth list of sites for syndication.

77. Create Niche-Specific Boards On Pinterest

Pinterest may be women-centric, but it also helps in the discoverability of your content. Make use of the platform by creating niche-specific boards, use the right tags and redirect users to your site with a clear call-to-action. And needless to say, make sure that you offer some amazing images that people find worthy of adding to their boards!

pinterest boards


78. Storytelling

Storytelling is the staple tactic used by marketers nowadays. And why not? The technique is both ancient and modern, lets you use multiple formats and gives the target audience a new perspective. You can use several storytelling techniques to easily promote your blog without trying too hard! Here are some stellar storytelling methods that you can try.

79. Leverage User Generated Content

All the biggies do it and you can do it to! I’m talking about UGC or User-Generated content, which can easily boost the traffic of your blog and increase the revenues. You can get a wealth of such content on forums, community sites, places where people have commented and so on and so forth. The possibilities are endless.

80. Convert the Post into an Infographic

Infographics can easily get you new visitors, who specifically rummage the internet for easy-to-consume content. What you can do is convert your post into an infographic and then share it on various sites that specifically target infographic content. These include and The more efforts you put in creating the infographic and submitting it on various sites, the better returns it will give for your blog.

81. Listen to Your Readers

In the blogging world, not every post gets the same kind of love from the readers. If one article gets say, hundreds of likes, another rarely makes it to the top. The reason behind this can be the preference of your readers. When the article is high on users’ preferences, chances are that it will also gain traction when you promote it. The idea is to listen to your readers and see what are the topics that they are more inclined to like and read. Publish and promote those topics more often on your blog.

82. Invite Them To Provide Feedback

While you can always conduct the traffic analysis to find out which of your blogs have more takers, you also need to invite your readers or subscribers to provide their opinion about your blog. You can do this via a Twitter poll, send them a mailer asking them to take a quick survey or include a quick form on your website asking them to fill it.

83. Instagram Story

Instagram’s story feature is immensely popular among audiences. Use appropriate hashtags, location and apply creativity to announce your latest post or even post a few lines from it. If you’ve more than 10 k followers on the platform, you’ll also be able to mention other accounts and add a CTA to it.

84. Facebook Story

Facebook received quite a bit of flak for its story feature, which remains largely unutilized. This is your cue to break even in the unexplored territory and make the most of it to reach your target audience on the platform.

85. Conduct Case Studies of Top Brands or Influencers

Doing a case study on top influencers and brands, then publishing them on your blog can be the much-needed twist in tale. This can lead them to share your content and generate thousands of views and increase the blog traffic along with moving your blog higher up in the SERPs! Don’t forget to use focus keywords though!

86. Publish Posts as Resources

Highly detailed and thoroughly researched, resource articles can be effective for leveraging your blog posts as compared to other posts. It can be anything, a detailed guide, a long form post talking about the latest happening in your niche, collection of surveys and the results etc.

87. Get the Owners of Popular Forums

Get owners of popular forums or people who are popular on forums to talk on your blog. It can be a round up on a topic, a detailed interview with them or get them to quip about industry trends etc. When it gets posted, do encourage them to share it with their users.

88. Cross-Promotion with Fellow Bloggers

Shouts outs are common in the blogging circuit, which generates amazing camaraderie between bloggers. Promote your fellow bloggers by sharing their posts on your blog and social media platforms. Chances are high that they will return the favor too!

89. Host Giveaways

If there’s one method that helps you take your blog’s popularity from zero to an all-time high, it is hosting giveaways. Offering free products and services to the current subscribers and asking them to tag other potential subscribers from their lists is a simple and yet, effective way to go about it. Alternatively, you can also make sure that the other bloggers in your community can help spread the word about the giveaway you’re hosting. You can return the favor for them in the future and this way, everyone wins!

A Rafflecopter is one of the best ways to choose the giveaway winners without any bias. Alternatively, you can run a contest and give the products or services to the winners. You can also run sponsored giveaways for local brands or by getting in touch with up and coming brands. There are way too many options for you to explore.

host giveaways


90. Publish a Comprehensive Whitepaper

This is an exercise that’s often used by brands and companies. But you too can take the route and publish detailed whitepapers on topic of popular interest. Because the word count can go up to several thousands, you can include a wide range of keywords to get it noticed by the target audience.

91. Time Your Posts Around Major Events

While you can and you should create a content calendar and time your posts, it is also important to base them on major events. This can include the elections, a political upheaval, news that recently spread like wildfire, national and international days, sports events etc. Make sure that the posts aren’t insensitive in nature. Promoting them on social media using the appropriate hashtags based on the events will ensure that these posts get maximum visibility.

92. Court Controversy

You can always write controversial posts by talking about the taboo or what people generally don’t talk about. This can instantly propel you to fame overnight, provided you know how to do it right without getting into trouble or falling into the troll-trap! Want to play it safe? Find out some controversial topics doing the rounds and talk about them on your blog! Again, be sensitive in your approach.

93. Create Shareables

We talked about tweetables, which are bite-sized information tailored to be posted on the micro-blogging platform. Similarly, you can also create sharables for other platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media platforms. Don’t forget to tailor them by keeping the word count in mind!

94. Be consistent

No matter what, never fail to update your blog. This makes people gradually lose track of what you were posting, and subsequently, lost interest in the blog. Whether you post daily, weekly, or monthly, make sure that the blog gets to the readers/subscribers on time. If you’re busy, get someone else to do it. But never, ever, leave a glaring gap!

Advanced – Blog Promotion Strategies

Well, now that you are all set and your blog promotion tactics are delivering the kind of results you need, what do you do? Do you just sit your laurels and continue using the same tactics as earlier? Yes and No. Yes, you can keep using some of the strategies mentioned the ‘beginner’ and ‘intermediate’ section but also go to the next level. Leverage the reputation of your blog, your personal credibility and your readership, to implement the next level of promotional strategies.

95. Advanced Guest Blogging

If you have already started guest posting in earnest, good for you and you must have started seeing the desired results. Now it’s time to go a level up and approach the really high profile sites for an opportunity to publish your content. Here’s a list of really high quality sites that you must target at the ‘advanced’ level. Pitching a guest post to such sites will be a little easier now that your blog has achieved satisfactory readership. If you’ve been active on social media as we asked you to be, there is also a chance that you have the editor of these blogs on your follower list or better yet, you’ve been interacting with them regularly on social media or exchange notes on various topics both online and offline.

Why shouldn’t you approach such sites right at the beginning of your blog promotion efforts? That’s because the editors wouldn’t give you the time of the day. And why should they?

96. Get speaker gigs

By now, you must have attended plenty of conferences in your niche (if you haven’t, you have missed out on a great ‘beginner’ strategy). You must have listened to a variety of domain experts holding forth on various subjects. Now is the time that you shouldn’t think of attending such conferences as an audience but as a speaker. Search for conferences in your niche, talk to the people involved and ask them if you could get a speaker position. Curata has a list of content marketing conferences to be held in 2018, likewise, you will easily be able to find conferences that meet your specific domain expertise. Don’t shy away from speaking opportunities.

If your blog has really captured the imagination of your audience and the industry at large, you will start getting speaker invites. Don’t miss out on them. Make the most of them as this will add to your personal credibility and that of your blog as well. This will also set out to on the path of becoming an ‘influencer’ in your niche.

97. Influencer outreach (Influencer marketing)

You can of course try to reach out to niche influencers’ right at the beginning or at the intermediate stage, but they might not take you seriously. Approaching influencers is a great way to increase blog traffic, if it is successful. A word about your blog on their feed has the potential to send thousands of targeted traffic to your blog. Mention influencers on your blog, and your blog’s credibility shoots up manifold.

Therefore, don’t take a chance, if influencers reject your outreach because they don’t find you worthy of association, you might find it difficult to connect with them later on, when you give it a try again. So, make sure you reach out to them when the time is right, when your blog has achieved a degree of credibility and is seen as a reputable blog in its niche.

Use the right kind of influencer outreach techniques to make sure they respond. Also take a look at these outreach examples that you can use for your outreach efforts. BuzzStream and Followerwonk are just some of the many tools you can use to find influencers in your niche.

98. Send Out Newsletters

Have an email list ready? Use it to send out newsletters to your customer or audience base. If you post on a regular basis, do send a newsletter with a monthly roundup of all the posts. If that’s too much work, opt for a quarterly newsletter to keep your audience posted.

99. Send Broadcast Emails

If you’ve a steady list of loyal subscribers, they will probably hook on to every post that comes up on your blog. Keep them coming to your website by sending them broadcast emails. This way, every time you post something new, they will be notified.

100. Share/Reshare Posts from Archives

This is a no-brainer. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an expert level blogger, sharing and resharing archive posts is a MUST.

101. Become a Regular Contributor

Several digital publications seek regular contributors instead of people pitching them guest blogs every now and then. This will require you to post at least one write-up each for the platforms. So the best way to approach this is to take your pick from the platforms that’ll help you land a byline and get your work (and blog/website) noticed. Sites such as Entrepreneur, Forbes and Inc. are some of the platforms that let you contribute on a regular basis. Make sure that you come up with a stellar pitch!

102. Provide Free Downloadables

Everyone loves freebies. You might have seen several websites, blogs and other platforms offering free downloadables by egging you to fill up a form on their landing pages. These can be pdf files of a research or a recent survey, some case studies, a presentation, an ebook and so on and so forth. In the same vein, you can also convert your content into free downloadables and share them on various platforms using different formats.

103. Convert the Content into a podcast

Ah! The beauty of podcasts.

The relatively new medium can help you tap into an entirely different segment of audience. They regularly tune in to their favorite podcast channels and by ensuring that your content is catchy. For this, you don’t even need a high-quality equipment that drives a hole in your pockets. Rather, you can use free apps on your smartphone, tablet or desktop and proceed to upload it to a preferred hosting provider.

content into podcast


104. Start Creating YouTube videos

YouTube’s popularity has soared over the years. People from all walks of life are creating captivating videos on the platform. Even if you don’t have that much time on hand or the equipment, what you can do is come up with bite-sized videos and upload them on the site. Next up, do share the videos on other platforms to gain better visibility. Think in terms of something like 5-minute crafts. They are doing great on YouTube and, on Facebook! This can easily be your gateway to gaining millions of viewers and followers.

105. Go Live on YouTube

Repeat the stint you use to go Live on Facebook for YouTube as well. However, ensure that the content used in the Live videos on both the platform are different as you may get the same set of viewers. Don’t forget to provide them additional information in the description box.

106. Fake Ads and Parodies – Humor

Humor has often taken the center stage in advertising and marketing. It helps you go the distance to make your target audience connect with your brand or business without much ado. Using a dash of humor in emails, collaterals, cover pictures or taking a dig at yourself is what gets people’s attention for sure. It also makes it easier for them to remember you. With their funny bones tickled, you can be assured that your content will be shared without a second thought!

107. Automate Social Sharing

Automated social sharing brings to the table more benefits than you can imagine. For instance, if you’re already posting about your blog on LinkedIn, you can choose the “post to public and Twitter” option. This will ensure that the post not only reaches the audience on the professional social networking platform, but also on the microblogging site. There’s also a similar option on WordPress called Revive Old Post, which lets you post archives of blog by putting them on an auto-rotating posting schedule on Twitter.

Think of all the traffic this will fetch at no additional effort!

108. Become A Regular Contributor

High authority website such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc, WashingtonPost, Huffington Post etc. need contributors for their digital channels. If you approach them wisely, chances are that you can get to be a regular contributor for them. The benefits are huge as you can have your own bio on these sites with a link back to your blog.

109. Try And Get Your Profile On Social Media Verified

You don’t have to be an influencer on social media to get a verified profile. It will just take you to become a thought leader in your niche, have a substantial follower count compared to the following count and voila, you can get your social media profile verified and get that much-coveted blue tick mark! Here’s how to get your social media profiles verified.

110. Opt for SEM

SEM or Search Engine Marketing involves search engine PPC and content PPC. While your competitors rush to occupy Google’s PPC space, take the different alternative and try opting for other avenues that cost less, but offer more. These include the Bing Yahoo! Network and sponsored posts on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. This works best when you need to boost your blog’s or website’s visibility and need more traffic in a short span of time.

111. Create Content Ads on Outbrain (or Taboola)

Outbrain helps you promote content on other pieces of content. These are shown in special sections on various web pages containing other write-ups. This helps drive an insane amount of traffic to your blog. Apart from these, you can also opt for Taboola and LinkWithin.

112. Be a Voice not an Echo on Niche Forums

We’ve talked about this before. When you’re an active member on niche-related forums, you can directly reap the benefits like finding organic traffic. On an expert level, you need to provide comprehensive answers and engage in discussions that lend you credibility as a member on the forum. This will inspire more people to know about you and your work.

113. Repurpose Your Content

One of the best ways to reach new markets is to repurpose your content. Basically, it is akin to pouring old wine in a new bottle. Make your posts a part of a quote. Use it as an infographic. Refer to your posts while solving a problem or commenting. Apart from these, there are countless ways to transform your content into something your audience will fall in love with.

114. Create GIFographics

Infographics are passé. GIFographics are the latest visual content format that keeps your audience hooked for long. To create a GIFographic without prior experience, you can use tools like:

115. LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn Videos are the latest craze that has caught on. You’ll find several entrepreneurs, CEOs and influencers on the platform coming up with impromptu video content. Follow suit and talk to your target audience using videos on the platform. Do share a link to your blog or website accompanying the video.

116. Create Video Teasers

Feeling too lazy to create videos? How about giving people a teaser of your latest post and linking it in the post?

117. One Video, Many Content

Making a video is a time-consuming process. Hence, you can take another route and first create an original video content. From that same video, take the audio part and distribute it as a podcast. Use the image or screen grabs to create multiple posts. Convert a part of the video into GIFs or memes. Use the transcription to come up with clever presentations. Now that’s how you save time!

118. Create Stop-Motion Animations

If you’re terribly camera shy, go ahead and opt for stop-motion animation or whiteboard animation and share them on various platforms. The best part is that you can also share these on Youtube, Daily Motion and Vimeo, which already have a steady audience base!

119. Go for Content Curating Sites

A large number of websites nowadays focus specifically on curating content on a certain topic and then use upvotes or downvotes to decide the popularity. Medium, Mashable, Digg and are some of the names to reckon with.
120. 120.Post on Reddit

Reddit and its mind-blowing community are well-known for everyone belonging to the world of blogging. As soon as you’ve a blog ready for promotion, opt for a subreddit that’s relevant and share it. The only thing you’ve to keep in mind that it should be worth discussing.

121. Digital PR

A couple of years back, in 2016, the Independent was the first UK newspaper to adopt a complete digital future. This is just one of the instances where the line between traditional and digital media has blurred.

Be a part of the digital PR revolution, where you can publish articles using paid, owned and earned media. But first, the focus should be on creating a robust digital PR strategy, which can encompass the following pointers:

  • Consistent networking with journalists and editors of publications
  • Gaining press features via newsworthy content and press releases
  • Outreaching to bloggers and influencers for backlinks and mentions
  • Syndicating content and sharing them
  • Leveraging offline events that are tied closely with online events
  • Participating in affiliate programs

122. Make Way for Customer Advocacy

As an expert level blogger, you can ask customers to provide inputs, which can be shaped into case studies and testimonials. This is best done one-on-one basis. At the same time, you can ask encourage them to talk about and share your content with their network.

123. Repost content from your archives

Reposting content from your archives is a time-saver. Take this approach to put your best foot forward (read publish the best content pieces). This will help your new readers catch up. Moreover, it is not necessary that your existing followers or subscribers had seen it when you originally published it. For instance, a lot of users on Facebook have numerous saved links that go unopened and unread. This is the step, which will help your content show up on their feed and hence, you can get them to read them the second time around.

124. Email Broadcast

Did you know that email campaigns are more likely to get an engagement as compared to tweets? Don’t believe us? Try sending a broadcast email and resend it again, with a different subject line and tweaking the content just a little bit. This is bound to get you clicks from your subscribers!

125. Free PR for your blog

There are plenty of free PR sites, you can leverage for promoting your blog, or a post on your blog. Google for ‘free press release distribution sites’ and you will see a whole list of free PR sites that can use. Here’s a handy guide to help you write your first ever press release.

126. Take Advantage Of Earned Media

We’ve talked about using PR to get your blog the visibility that it deserves. However, if it still doesn’t cut it, then stop watering the dead plant. What you can do instead is use earned media by regularly connecting with other, influential blogger and media persons and tell them about your content efforts.

127. Create a Lookalike Audience

Facebook’s lookalike audience will help you make the most of your sponsored posts and paid ads. All you’ve to do is use its ad manager and create the audience by following simple prompts. It’s all a step-by-step process, which will help you meet your goals. All the same, you can also conduct split testing to find which of your advertisement efforts are paying off!

128.  Try Stumbleupon’s Paid Discovery Feature

StumbleUpon’s paid discovery system can be worth giving a try. It is a paid promotional tactic that works amazingly well for beginner level bloggers. All you need is the right kind of content, especially the one that has the potential to go viral because your content will be the ad that will run on the platform.

129. Try and Get Featured in Industry-Specific Newsletters

This one is the trickiest of the lot, but you can always improve your networking skills to make it to some of the best industry-specific newsletters. This needs advanced research and active persuasion as you will need to build a rapport with the blogger or platform that sends out newsletters. Alternatively, if you do have a budget for it, you can also pay your way through to make your link included in the newsletter.

130. Link Round-Up Post

You must have noticed many industry stalwarts using a technique, where they share relevant links of posts in their niche. This is the easiest way to include your post in an easy-to-read round-up post along with other nice reads. Just make sure that the links you choose belong to high authority sites or popular blogs. This post on the best round-up posts of 2017 will give you a better idea.

131. Long-Form is Not Dead

Long-form is not dead, in case you were wondering! They are not just shared on leading publications such as The New Yorker and The Atlantic, but also on platforms like LinkedIn. They do have readership and generate better results as compared to short content. After all, no one can resist reading a detailed, highly-researched piece that gives them some great takeaways!

132. Create an App for Your Blog

Creating an app has become easier than ever with several tools that let you work on an app for the blog. You can then, invite the readers to download the app and also, post the app/app review on various sites to get it featured. This, in turn, drives traffic to your original blog as well as it will show up in the search results separately!

The Oatmeal known for its humorous comics turned two of its comic features Exploding Kittens and Is Your Cat Plotting To Kill You as apps.

133. Start a Kickstarter Campaign

kickstarter campaign example


We talked about Exploding Kittens from The Oatmeal, which was not only made into an app, but also a card game, with a Kickstarter campaign to fund it. Now this may or may not be possible for your blog, but what if it is? Apart from Kickstarter, you can also approach other crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo and GoFundMe, and then, proceed to promote the campaign on other blogs that talk about crowdfunding campaigns.

134. Attend Events and Meetups

There are events and meetups happening almost in every corner of the world and day by day, their count is increasing. Why not take the initiative and host an event or a meetup in your area, inviting your regular subscribers, enthusiasts and fellow bloggers? This is a practical way to promote your blog and instantly get a surge in the traffic!

135. Publish on Medium

Medium is a great platform, which is known for its minimalist appeal. When you publish a post on your blog, do publish the same on Medium as well. Or you can post a different set of content that shows your expertise in your industry to gain traction. Do give it a try, you’ll love it.

136. Host a Facebook Live

One of the best ways to interact and engage your target audience is to address them directly and hosting a Facebook Live video is the short cut that you can take. You can host a Live QA session, or start a video talking about your blog updates or anything else in general. Don’t forget to announce the date and time of the video so that most of the audience are there for it!

137. Livestream from Instagram

You can also use the livestreaming feature on Instagram to connect with your fans and followers in real-time.

138. Create Micro-Site

What do you do when you want to target a topic extensively on your blog? The answer is to create a micro-site where you can create more posts on a specific topic and cover the relevant keywords and catchphrases related to the same. Or just have fun with it. Remember

elfyourself micro site

139. Publish an eBook and Promote it

A lot of amateur and indie writers are doing it and you should do it too. I’m talking about publishing an eBook and promoting on Amazon along with your social channels. In fact, Amazon has a Kindle Free Promotion system in place, which can get you the readership you need.

140. Target Google News

Featuring on Google News is the easiest of content promotion tactics because all you got to do is to be the first to talk about the major events, especially newsworthy stuff. But before that, you need to apply for it.

141. Target Google Rich Snippet

Getting featured on Google’s rich snippets can promote your blog naturally. All you’ve to do is take a look at how featured snippets work, take the word count into consideration and tailor your posts smartly so that Google has no choice but to display it as a snippet.

google search rich snippet

142. Target Google QA

Have a FAQ page on your blog? Does your post answer people’s popular queries? If your answer is a no, it is high time that you get started with these in order to get your posts featured on Google’s QA.

google search results QA snippet

143. Translate The Posts

Be blessed if you’re a polyglot as translating your blog in another language can fetch you traffic from more than one part of the world. It will also help the posts to rank in country-specific domains of the search engines. Just make sure that nothing is “lost in translation.”

144. Pay People to Write for You

As an advanced level blogger, you can offer incentives to writers for writing guest posts on your blog or accept posts by placing their website’s link on the blog or in the bio. They will be inclined to share it with their network and this is how, you can generate sufficient traffic and views on a regular basis.

145. Run Blogging Challenges

Blogging challenges can be fun and helps you get more people to mention your blog on their posts. Think of all the backlinks you can get with this simple act!

146. Customize The Same Content Based on the Channel

If you’re too tied up to create multiple posts in one go, you can always settle for customizing the same content for different platforms. For instance, you can talk about an upcoming post using Twitter’s limited character limit, in the form of a story on Instagram, as a Facebook advertisement or within a LinkedIn article. This will help you get more exposure.

147. Create GIFs and Memes

GIFs and Memes are a sure-shot way to gain instant popularity on social media platforms. They cost literally nothing and can make even the most simple post stand out on social media channels. Let’s face it, people love using them, sharing them and tagging their friends, especially when they are relevant or plain funny! Get inspired by taking a look at the best memes of 2017.

148. Invest in Infographics

Irrespective of the kind of blog you’re running, infographics will always fetch you the desired traffic provided how much effort you put into making it. It is fairly simple to create any infographic or convert your content to one, without any special design team in place. However, you can always invest and create infographics with graphics, images, sounds and video to take it to another level. Think interactive infographics, which you need to make just once and reap the benefits for a long time!

149. Write a Personal Narrative for Buzzfeed

News sharing site Buzzfeed is one of the most popular and most viral platforms on the internet. From breaking news, bizarre trends to celebrities, they have it all. Writing personal essays for the platform and then, promoting it on social media can make you well-known, especially if your target audience is millennials or Gen Z!

150. Mention it at Every Opportunity

Whether you’re talking to the person sitting beside you in the sub or talking in a podcast, don’t miss a chance to talk or subtly introduce your blog. This will help people know about its existence and encourage them to take a look. You can also mention it while giving a talk at seminars, meetups or presentations.

151. Create Audiograms

Audiograms or tiny sized audio with an image can help introduce your blog or a new post on social media channel. Use them to announce something important and capture your target audience’s attention immediately!

150+ Effective Ways to Promote Your BlogClick To Tweet


With this mammoth list of promoting your blog, we hope that you’ll have a smooth sailing. To reiterate, the key takeaways include:

  • Create compelling posts that appeal to masses
  • Know how, why and when to share the posts
  • Leverage social media platforms
  • Spread the word through different means
  • Take help of SEO and SEM
  • Collaborate with others in the industry
  • Regularly network with people
  • Publish high-quality resources
  • Introduce variety in the content
  • Know where to invest
  • Keep up with the industry trends

Because one-size-doesn’t fit all, the caveat is to see which of these tactics and platforms work best for your blog or your blog’s niche and ensure plenty of traffic on a regular basis.

Know of any other blog promotion strategy that you want to share? We’ll be happy to add it to our list!

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