Content Repurposing : The Ultimate Technique to Squeeze Out The Maximum From Your Content

content repurposing

The biggest challenge of any blogger is to consistently keep churning out high-quality content on a regular basis. After all, content is the fuel that keeps your blog engine running at all times.


In fact, way back in 2013, Huffington Post - one of the world’s most visited blogs used to publish a blog every 58 seconds! Today, it could many times that number. Do the math, and you can figure out how many blogs they could be pushing out every single day.

If you are in the works to start your own blog, churning high-quality blogs right from day one can be challenging.

Also, you have to publish content in large numbers which can be quite difficult if you are an one-man-army.

However, content repurposing can help you out there. It can serve you create multiple content with a single core idea. In blogging terms it is called content repurposing.

And, NO. Content repurposing it not wrong. Google won’t rank you lower for content repurposing. Provided, it is done right.

I am Beyond Blogger and my mission is to help everyone who wants to become a blogger become one the right way.

In today’s blog I am gonna decode what content repurposing is, the several benefits that it can reward your blog with, and how you can use it to your advantage without getting into trouble.

Content Repurposing? What’s that?

Recycling. That is the simplest way to explain content repurposing. To stretch it further, content repurposing is recycling a single piece of content into multiple forms.

Here is how your core idea will travel from becoming an idea to multiple content forms.

Outline -> Blog -> eBook -> Webinar -> Video -> Newsletter


The core idea or the foundation upon which the entire content will be built.


Long-form content, typically in the range of 1000 words or more that speaks in detail about the core idea.


Gated content or downloaded content that is lengthier than a blog. Typically in the range of 3000 to 5000 words or more or pages long. Gives the user far more detail, facts, statistics and information about the topic.


An interactive video session conducted in the form a conference. The anchor of the session is usually the blogger with other participants consisting of subject-matter experts and audience.


Quick and snackable videos that inform viewers about the gist of your content. Helps redirect viewers to other lengthier forms of content or even lead generation forms.


Periodical email bursts that showcases recent blogs, invites to webinars, or download links to gated content.

You can follow this content marketing as prescribed by Curata to master content repurposing.

content marketing pyramid

Image Source -

As you can see, the quantity of content reduces towards the bottom of the pyramid. However, it is only a code idea which gets repeated throughout the pyramid. 

In other words, content repurposing helps you create more content with less work. Just what all of us needs. 

How content repurposing benefits you as a blogger

 - Maximize your content shelf-life

Every form of content has a specific shelf-life. A tweet could last few minutes. A facebook status could last few hours. A blog could last few days. A video could last few months.

If you stick to publishing only one form of content, the shelf-life of the content would end extinguish with that content. Content repurposing can help extend the shelf-life by making it available in multiple forms.

 - Increase organic SEO traffic

Publishing the content in multiple forms across multiple channels allows your content to be crawled by search engine bots in many ways. This helps in increasing organic SEO traffic to your blog/website with a single piece of content.

As a result, you will also be able to reach more audience easily and effortlessly. Imagine the scale of effort you will have to put in otherwise to reach all these audience with multiple content pieces.

 - Builds subject matter credibility

In this era of clickbait headlines, attaining credibility for yourself is an uphill task. Especially as a blogger, building credibility paves way to building a solid audience base.

Only when your audience trust you as a credible source of information and knowledge, would they continue reading your blogs. Repurposing content in many ways and keeping each repurposed content enriched in its own way establishes you as subject matter expertise.

 - Highly productive

Repurposing content is highly productive. It saves time. It saves effort. Wondering how?

Imagine the time and effort you will have to put to brainstorm new ideas, formulate new blog titles and also expand those into full-form content?  Twice, if not threefold of your average content production time.

Content reproduction on the other hand saves all that time. All you need is a single core idea which can be branched into multiple forms for maximum traffic generation.

Focusing on that single idea also gives a focus to your content. Rest assured, you will be a highly productive blogger.

Ways to Repurpose Your Content

To get the most benefits that content repurposing can bring to your blogging endeavors, you have to find and follow the right content forms. Here are some forms into which you can repurpose your content into for maximum traffic.

-> Infographics

Infographic is a visual representation of facts, data, figures and knowledge. The pictorial depiction of information helps viewers quickly grasp the broad topic and gain value out of it. It uses a wide variety of charts, graphs, tabular presentation, timelines and so on to make data come alive in patterns and visuals.

The benefits of Infographics include:

  • They’re easy to understand
  • They can easily present a complex data
  • They are portable and can be easily embedded in several other platforms
  • They help establish brand identity

Some websites/forums/communities where you can submit your infographic to extend its reach:

Some tools that will help you create great infographics:

-> Slides

Slides or presentations as they are most commonly referred, can be used to reach a niche audience who want to see everything on decks. Don’t confuse them with boring corporate presentations that occupy centre stage in conferences.

You can easily repurpose the headings and subheadings of a blog into a slideshow to maximize its reach. You can even repurposing the quotes, list-based articles, opinion articles and so on into a well-detailed slide with the right mix of images and text content.

creating slides

The benefits of slides include:

  • You can showcase the entire story from beginning until end
  • Carefully crafted slide content can increase the curiosity of the audience
  • You can use it pitch an idea and thereby direct audience to your blog

Websites / forums / communities where slides can be distributed:

Tools that help to create slides/presentations:

-> Videos

78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day.”, says a HubSpot research. The research also found that 54% of consumers want to see more video content than any other form of content from the brands/businesses that they support?

The bottom line: You need video firepower for your marketing efforts. Creating such videos need not be a messy affair either. You can always find the outline for your script from the code idea based on which you have already created several forms of content.

Neil Patel, the popular blogger is spending $144,000 on video in 2018. The exclusive video series named Neil Knowledge aims to create more traffic to his which other forms of saturated content cannot achieve.

neil knowledge video series

If you are not sure where to get started to make video content, here are some tools that will show you the way:

Note: Most of these online video making tools have premium plans. The trial versions offer only basic features for a short period of time.

How to distribute your video content?

Upload it on video sharing and submitting websites like the ones below:

In fact, you can even splash your video content across all social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the likes.

-> Podcasts

Podcast is the modern day FM radio. Just that it has more bells and whistles like episodes, seasons and so on which makes it more personalized and engaging than traditional FM.

Hey! Don’t underestimate the power of podcasts. Convinceandconvert reports that podcast listening density has increased by at least 40% in 2018. And, almost 80% of the listeners hear all or most of the episodes.

Also, there has been a 157% increase in podcast usage since 2014, thanks to smartphone penetration.

podcast statistics

Now that makes podcasts an irresistible platform for marketers to share and distribute their content.

Here is how podcasts can help your blog increase its traffic as well as build brand identity:

  • Personalized approach to information distribution
  • Easy to consume
  • On-demand streaming
  • Sharing across many media platforms

Wondering where to broadcast your podcast? These websites are proven podcast havens:

Tools that will help create podcasts even if you don’t have an audio studio setup:

In fact, you can also use traditional audio editing software like SoundForge, Adobe Audition, Auphonic, etc. to edit voice notes and release them as podcasts. In the end, podcasts are nothing but audio files with verbal content. So, any audio editor should serve your purpose.

-> Ebooks

Despite the social media and video content invasion, there still thrives a healthy following for reading material. Just that their interests have shifted from paperbacks and hardcovers to eBooks.

eBooks are largely used in marketing as gated content. Gated content helps turn your painstakingly created content into lead generation sources.

content into lead generation

Gated content like eBooks on niche topics are downloaded by users who want to read more about a topic that your book talks about. Ideally, they are redirected from blogs or other content forms where a prelude of the eBook was given.

Benefits of eBooks include:

  • They act as resources for lead generation
  • They can help establish you as a subject-matter expert
  • check
    They build a professional image for the business
  • They can be used for email marketing bursts

While normal books are sold in bookstores and through online means, for eBooks used as marketing collaterals you have to approach specific portals where professionals would hang out a lost.

Some such platforms include:

Creating an eBook is an easy task. You don’t need any specific tool or software as such. In fact, if you are using Google Docs, you can directly export your doc as a PDF file and use it as a PDF.

If you want to create something above the average kind of document, check out Adobe InDesign which helps create interactive documents that is perfect eBooks and White Papers.


Creating content is a time-consuming affair. It demands unwavered attention, hours long dedication to crafting the content and then finally publishing it in the right medium at the right time.

But, you cannot do keep creating unique pieces of content all the time. Content repurposing is a smart way to convert your single piece of content or its idea into multiple forms.

You can turn a core idea into a blog, video, infographic, slideshow, eBook and several other content forms. The end result would be maximized reach for your content and brand. And, most importantly it also increases your chance of getting more business leads.

Hope my blog has show you the way to create content and to repurpose it the right way. If you have any more doubts, feel free to ask me!

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