50 Blogging Statistics To Enhance Blog Marketing Efforts 2020

blogging statistics

Blogs. How? Why? What?

Are your pondering over above questions related to Blogging?

Well, here are 50 blogging statistics that can help you build an amazing blog for your business.

Blogging today has become the most cost effective way to reach maximum audience for your business. Each and every post that is published is a long term asset that helps builds the brand awareness and effectively promotes your expertise, products and services.

Creating an effective content daily or weekly that cuts through the crowd has become crucial for businesses.

Let’s get straight to the following blogging statistics 2020 to help you begin your blogging journey!

1. Tried customizing your content yet? According to blog stats 61% of your costumers are influenced by it! – Dragon Search Marketing

Not only consumers feel positive about your company but they will follow up with your posts more often. Everyone likes content that is specific to one’s individual needs. Brands that create custom content communicate better with their clientele

2. “76% of B2B marketers’ blog and 73% publish case studies”- Content Marketing Institutes

B2B businesses can prosper a lot by blogging religiously. As for publishing Case studies eases the buying process and helps build trust in customers. It helps tell company their product and services apart from their competitors.

b2b content marketing

3. The new blog stats states that the average blog post is now 1,142 words (41% up since 2014) – Orbit Media

Gone are the days when 500 words were enough for a blog post. Keep it between 1000 to 1500 for maximum benefit.

length of blog post

4. If you have your content backed by pictures it is likely to get shared on social media 40 times more than other types of content!- Hubspot

Familiar with “a picture speaks a thousand words”. There is at least, one image for every 350 words in the top 100 blogs. The chances are also that the shorter blog with better visuals will yield better engagement, shares, and SEO results.

content backed by pictures

5. A smart paid content strategy can help your blog/ business rank top on Google search and that’s the reason that paid content promotion is up 5x since 2014 – Orbit Media

Paid content promotion targets highly specific audience, attract qualified traffic and leads and help grow your customer base. Did you know that almost around 98% of people searching for something make their decision from the first page of Google? True that.

promotion channels

6. 47% of the customers will read 3-4 pieces of content before making a purchase, they are getting smarter these days – Demand Gen Report

The top-of-the-funnel (content provided to a visitor once they have filled out a landing page form on your site) content spreads awareness, cultivates brand buzz for your product and services and educates prospects.

This also helps build a relationship with the buyers and will help them make a purchase.

7. If you post a content about your services, and it helps the readers, nearly 94%of people will share your blog because they think it might be useful to other people as well- Simple Marketing Now

A piece of information true to its words or helps solving a problem will be spread like a hot cake.

8. If you are a B2B marketer and use blogs as part of your content marketing mix there are chances of getting 67% more leads than those that don’t. Thank us later! – Express Writers

Guiding your buyers on each step of the buying process, engaging them in a conversation, and discussing marketplace trends again helps build a good rapport.

Using this tactic you will definitely get a great response and over the time you will become an expert problem solver

9. Do not forget to add social sharing buttons to email messages. This alone an increased click-through rates by more than 150%- Social Fresh

The power of social media cannot be denied. Let this work to your maximum advantage by including social media sharing options.

By doing this you a reach a wider audience and engage them in your blog discussions. Trim it according to different of social media platforms.

10. Are your posts or blogs lacking the zest? Worry not and hire a dedicated social media marketing team because 66% of marketers are already doing so- Slide Share

Doing a business can include lots of varied activities, which may make it impossible to post a blog daily. That’s the reason marketers are hiring teams to accomplish this task. A trained and specialized content writer for the organization can be very advantageous.

11. B2B marketers have come a long way from traditional lead generation and are finding blogging to be more time and cost effective- Hubspot

Lead generation teams can cost you lots of money and time. Blogging can do that in half the time and even in lesser the cost. Once you build up a good number of customer base leads will bounce back to your sites.

12. Companies prioritizing blogging are 13X more likely to achieve a positive ROI in their endeavor- stateofinbound

Here, consistency is the key. Blogging carves a place for you online; it reaps benefits for the longest period of time.

Your content and website will be available for all the people 24hours 365 days, representing you tirelessly.

13. If your company publishes 16 or more blog posts a month then you are likely to get a 4.5X leads than the company that publishes 4 or less monthly blogs- Hubspot

This stat states that a bar has been raised when it comes to blogging. This will again separate the milk from water. Being regular is what the readers will love and trust you more.

By just publishing 4 times a week if you can increase the number of leads and do better than your competitors, wouldn’t you do it?


14. Currently, 58% of marketers voted for “original written content” as the most important type of content and is outdoing images, videos, and Infographics- Social Media Examiner

We all know, “Content is the King”. Never undermine the originality of your content.

A well written precise to the topic and well-articulated blog will do wonders for you and reader will come back to ask for more.

15. Make the most important part of your blog stand out. An average reader only spends 37 seconds reading- NewsCred Insights

Infographs, bolding, picture representation, italics are some of the ways to get the attention to the most important part of your blog. 37 seconds, you better make it a valued time for your reader.

16. To give good & quick insights B2B marketers are using infographics and jump in this trend varies from 50% utilization to 58% in a single year- Content Marketing Institute

A visual representation of data or information is more likely to make a lasting impact on reader’s mind. Infographics are eye-catching and informative. It breaks the information for the readers and gives a memorable visual experience

That’s the reason in a single a year the use of Infographics has increased to an 8%.

17. Do you want to know the #1 important content strategy? According to 45% marketers, it is Blogging- Social Media Examiner

Creating blogs helps you create educational material. Blogging can single-handedly

1. Collect audience information &
2. Improve SEO efforts

18. If a few bloggers have nice things to say about your product and services, congratulations. According to stats, 61% customers make a purchase on the recommendations from the blog – BlogHer

Influential bloggers have a great readership and following. You should build a good business rapport with these bloggers. Get featured on their sites and blogs and reap the benefits of a new wave of consumers and penetrate into different markets.

19. You can get 5X more traffic than your competitors if you blog posts daily –Social Media Examiner

Posting daily is just a way of keeping in touch with readers. They will know your business journey and other aspects of it as well

20. Blogs are ranked 5th most trusted source accurate information- Search Engine People

A loyal customer base is a result of trust and commitment towards services. Blogs will your brand instill that sense of trust in your consumers.

21. 409 million people view more than 22.2 billion blog page each month. Feel free to read that twice- WordPress

That’s a mind-boggling number. This not only calls for you to stand out but you have to be very articulate with your content.

Imagine the number of people you can reach by delivering good and valued content

22. Thinking of updating an old post? Well, around 55% of bloggers who update the old articles yield stronger results than those who don’t- Orbit media

By this way, you can make your content evergreen.

If you are observing a blog post slipping from its rank, just by adding a new piece of information or facts related to the same article can immediately boost your post.

Even Google displays a newer content on the first page than an old one.

update older posts

23. What is the other way to reinforce blog content? 80% of the marketers send out email newsletters – Content Marketing Institute/Marketing Profs

Converting a blog into a newsletter will help you reinforce your content and marketing material among your consumers. It drives conversions and nurture leads. It is a great way to wet your target audience’s appetite for in depth content.

24. A company that blogs will receive 97% of the inbound links to their website- Hubspot

Isn’t this amazing?

And all you have to do produce a content that is reliable and has insightful industry news. This way the visitor including individual readers and websites will not only find your blog helpful and knowledgeable but also share your content which in turn will build up your site and readership.

25- Join the 64% of B2B marketers who outsource writing- TopRankBlog

Want to create content that keeps your readers hooked and publish frequently? Outsource your blogging to professional content writers. They will help you understand nitty-gritty of the effective writing.

26. Companies and brands using content marketing have conversion rates 6X more than those who don’t- Aberdeen Group

Nowadays, consumer is well read and well informed. Blogging and content writing will help you achieve higher conversion ratio of leads.

27. A content that is able to engage an audience through an interactive content generates 2X more conversions and passive content- Kapost

Refer to this example of a website that allows its user to quantify the potential ROI using their software to run inbound marketing campaigns.

calculate blogging results

Image Source-snapapp

28. Ads are annoying, aren’t they? Well that’s the reason 80% of the business decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement. – Stratabeat

More content writers are turning to blog posts and email drip campaign to nurture their leads and develop new customers in. It’s time now to consider new ways of advertising.

29. Talking about interactive content, it is 93% more effective at educating the buyer compared to 70% of static content- Inc

Engaging audience in an interactive content is a fun way to educate them about your product and services. Studies show that knowledge acquired through interactive content makes a long-lasting impact on a reader’s mind.

30. Assets are a must to function a business efficiently and thus 49. 92% of marketers said their organization views content as a business asset – Content Marketing Institute


Now the content blog that you have put up is every time at internet user’s disposal. They can read it, enquire or share it.

Marketers believe that content seriously needs a good investment and yields better returns.

31. Websites featuring blog as a key part have a 434% better chance of being ranked highly on search engine- Tech Client

Relevant keywords, a great content and a daily blog post that’s what Google loves! This will make the reader look up to your blog for more pressing inquiries.

Thus making you SEO ranking pretty lit!

32. B2B companies are more inclined to utilize blogging than B2C companies- Social Media Examiner

A B2B business is highly specific and technical. That’s the reason the buyers would want to know the nature of the company and its product and services which can be very well put up on a blog.

Blogging can define a company’s relevancy and is up to date.

A blog can shorten the sales cycle and is beneficial for delivering this type of educational content.

33. The competition in blogging will get fierce as 7 million people publish blogs on blogging websites and other 12 million write blogs through their social networks- NM Incite

We shall leave this here!

34. 92% of the companies, acquired a customer by blogging multiple times per day- Hubspot

Posting multiple times each day is a may seem like a tough task, but the rewards you reap are worth the efforts. Hire or outsource a team but chalk out a good content marketing strategy to have this level of output. Remember “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail”.

35. Posts that are long tend to generate 9X more leads that brief posts- Curata

A content that provides in depth knowledge not only keeps your readers hooked but shows that you have put enough of your time. Long and high quality content builds the trust of your reader too.

36. Wondering whether Content marketing is effective? 42% of the B2B marketers are succeeding at it- Content Marketing Institute

It is so important to focus your time and money on proven strategies and cut back on anything that is lacking results.

Take a cue from above stats, business are doubling down on the content marketing. A dedicated team can help a company realize the full potential of content marketing.

content marketing effectiveness

37. Content Marketing not only costs 62% less than traditional market but generates 3X more leads- Demand Metric

Image Source- Demand Metric

Remember the days of TV adverts, Telecalling, direct mail, telemarketing? You don’t have to, because not only they require lots of money and also fails to target a wide array of audience.

With content marketing you can generate 3 times as many leads, cut on all expenses and over the time it is able to reach millions of readers.

It also saves your money that is otherwise spent on hiring a team of telecallers.

content marketing leads

38. If you are wondering what people are actually doing over internet, the stats states that 77% of internet users read blogs- The West Program

People are ONLINE and yes they do searches about things they want to, how it works or about new products.

What a better time to be alive in?

39. Take a cue from the market giants as 36% of Fortune 500 Companies have a public blog – Statista

The companies believe that developing a candid dialogue with customers is the best way to build a meaningful customer relationship. Bottom-up blogging tend to focus on product development and customer service content strategy, while those practicing top-down blogging focus on thought leadership or promotional content strategy.

Learn from the market biggies!

40.71% of the bloggers who maintain blogs for a business have seen an increase in their visibility within their industry through their blogs- Impactbnd

A blog that breaks down complex topics service into digestive bit is the best way to reach all types of clientele. Companies blogging about highly technical aspects and makes it more understandable.

41. If you have written 52 or more blog posts, the traffic generations increases up to 77% – TrafficGenerationCafe

This again calls in for consistency in posting a blog. Your regularity shows the quality of your blog and how seriously you take up blogging. This alone results in increase in traffic!

42. Blog readers are 79% more likely to read in the morning – Impactbnd

Timing of the blogging is important for driving traffic to your blogs, so blog early and often. Keep experimenting with timing as this may also vary from audience to audience according to the nature of your business

43. 69% of businesses attribute their lead generation due to blogging – Impactbnd

The numbers are enough!

44. Want to how many people will read your blog? About 346 million people read blogs, and by adding one, you can attract as many of these readers. Get Ready! – The Future Buzz


Write the blog; be out there and make your presence felt! Hustle

45. Blogging trend is ever-growing. There are 31% more bloggers today than there were three years ago- Impactbnd

An opportunity should never go missing, and the potential of blogging has been unlocked. It can do wonders for your business and stats do not lie

46. Looking for an effective SEO technique? 53% of companies regard content creation/ blogging as single most effective tool – Content Marketing Institute

SEO is an efficient tool for lead generation and making your presence felt online.

Blogging boosts your SEO efforts

47. 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog – Hubspot

Blogging is a serious business and it gives some serious results.

48. 2% bloggers spend less than 2 hours a day and make more than $150, around 17% are able to sustain their lifestyles or support their family with their blogs – Lifehacker

You can sustain your living by blogging even when you are doing it part time! The numbers are mindboggling, aren’t they?

monthly earnings of problogger readers

Image Source-

49. 72% of marketers say relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic – Hubspot

And we can’t agree more! While producing content, use relevant keywords along with other important factors. This will boost your rank in SEO efforts.

You have to up your guard because of the competition is fierce. Be creative be consistent and be original and see your business expand!

Hope these blogging statistics motivate to excel.

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