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7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers : 2020 Edition

google adsense alternatives

While Google AdSense is currently the reigning champion in the advertising niche, in this blog, I will discuss Google AdSense alternatives instead.

When it comes to creating a digital presence, there’s no doubt that Google’s tools have been ruling the industry. One such tool is Google AdSense, which is surely the top choice for content marketers or bloggers who desire to make money from their content.

After all, with over 10.8 million websites around the world using AdSense, the GDN, which includes AdSense and other Google-owned properties hit close to 6 billion impressions in one day.

That being said, is AdSense always the best choice for every business? Maybe not.

There are many reasons why you could invest in a Google AdSense alternative, maybe to diversify your options, or just to add a few more additional income streams. Regardless of the reason, there are some great alternatives for Google AdSense that you could consider.

In this article, we have listed seven such alternatives. However, before we delve deep into these alternatives, let’s learn more about Google AdSense.

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a platform run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content websites serve text, illustrations, video, or interactive media ads that are targeted to the site content and audience.

These ads are managed, classified, and maintained by Google. They can produce revenue on both a per-click or per-impression basis.

Types of Ads

AdSense’s most significant benefit is that it offers contextual ads. It was the original major ad network to do so. Here are a few ad types you can select with a Google AdSense.

Targeted Text Ads

A text ad is a type of marketing communication that advertisers can utilize to expand their product or service on the Google Network.

These ads can be seen on Google results pages and over the Google Network, which involves the Search Network, Search Partners, and the Display Network.


In-text ads are advertisements fixed directly in the text of a web page. Unlike usual links, which are marked with one line, in-text ads are twice marked, and when you hover over them, you’re shown a preview of the ad the text links to.

These ads are generated through JavaScript, which browses a web page and dynamically adjusts keywords an advertiser has targeted.


Display advertising is a way of compelling the audience of a website, a social media platform or any other digital mediums to take a particular action.

These are usually built up of text-based, picture, or video advertisements that prompt the user to click-through to a landing page and take a step (e.g. make a purchase).


Banner advertising consists of latent or animated illustrations or media and is generally put in high-visibility spaces on high-traffic websites.

Banner advertising is engaging because it can help to create brand awareness, produce leads and re-target an audience (such as providing a visitor with an opportunity to register for a newsletter or a free trial before they click away).

Why Should You Look for Alternatives to AdSense?

With any wave of popularity, problems are obliged to pop up. While Google is one of the most important CPC marketing tools in the market, it’s not smooth sailing for everybody.

Just before you register for AdSense, you can face problems. Despite its lax traffic specifications, Google can decline site applications for various reasons.

For example, bloggers have been rejected for not having sufficient content or having content that is not “sponsor-friendly.”

The fact is, getting accepted for AdSense has only become more difficult with the growing competition.

I am not stating that AdSense is an inferior program by any means. However, it’s worth analyzing the alternatives to understand what other income-producing opportunities are available to you.

Top Google AdSense Alternatives

Here is the list of the best ad networks besides Google AdSense. is a big-name ad network label that specializes in contextual ads. The network further manages display ads and native ads.

It’s a primary opponent to Google AdSense. The network gives pay-per-click advertising administered by the Yahoo!/Bing network.

The best thing about is that the program has many customization tools. You can modify the overall layout and colour scheme to match your ad space.



Adsterra is a good Google Adsense alternative since it’s friendly to start-up and niche bloggers. It’s easy and fast to start monetizing your traffic: after registration, add your website, copy the code, and insert it onto your website. Websites get moderated and approved within a couple of minutes.

Adsterra has 10K+ advertisers and popular payment methods (7NET, 15NET, 30NET payouts starting from $5). The ad network offers multiple high-converting ad formats like banners, popunders, push and native ads, Social Bar ads, and a direct link to monetize any desktop, mobile, and social traffic. On your dashboard, you will find publishers’ FAQ and 24/7 online chat to clarify any question.



PropellerAds gives loads of methods to monetize your blog. You can pick any ad you want. Though, the program does exceptionally well with pop-under ads.

Getting admitted to the network isn’t too hard, although they do prioritize sites that trade with technology and digital media.

The great thing about PropellerAds is that you can additionally monetize mobile sites and apps. Optimization devices are abundant, making it simple to obtain the most out of the network.

Amazon Display Ads

While Amazon is recognized for creating advertising, the firm also has an adequate network to support publishers.

Amazon Display Ads enable you to execute native ads and display ads on your blog. They can display particular products and give a direct link to a trusted e-commerce program.

Presently, the program is most suitable for sites with the US and EU-based visitants.



If you produce a satisfactory amount of traffic every month, Adversal is an excellent alternative ad network to AdSense.

If you don’t have at least 50,000 visitors per month, you will be denied. The big news is that other than that, it’s swift and straightforward to sign up.

Adversal provides multiple banner ad sizes and some other discrete marketing choices. The network also does associate marketing.



VigLinks is exceptional for associate marketers. If you previously supply links to goods on your site, VigLinks will directly convert them to associate links if it’s open.

The method is automatic, saving you tons of time. The network might have a slightly confusing setup, but competent customer care professionals are on standby to assist you in getting set up.



SkimLinks is a system that concentrates fundamentally on associate marketing. Whether you’re an Amazon associate or operate with another platform, SkimLinks has you covered.

The firm allies with more than 50 networks, providing you access to more than 48,000 e-commerce retailers.

Once you connect the Javascript code onto your site, enduring links will automatically be converted into associate links to begin earning revenue.



BuySellAds is an online marketplace that combines website publishers and advertisers. No fancy algorithm, no complicated methods, it is effortless.

The advertiser explores for a niche that they want to focus on, a bunch of site leaps up (you may be in that niche) – Advertisers study at your site’s stats and purchase the ad.

BuySellAds manages the transaction, give advertisers with analytics, and transfer the funds in your account every month.

On A Final Note

While Google AdSense may be a powerhouse in the digital marketing enterprise, there are lots of other networks out there competing for your business.

So if you’re looking for blog monetization besides AdSense, review these ad networks and understand which one works for you! Analyzing various monetization procedures can assist you in finding the best fit and promoting your site to the next level.

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