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Grammarly Review 2020 – A Practical Look at Grammarly as a Writing Enhancement Platform

grammarly review

This is a Grammarly review- a grammar checker that makes sure your content doesn’t have ‘stupid’ writing errors. 

Many a time, despite our best efforts, we make a bunch of grammar errors, typos, and sentence construction blunders in our write-ups. Yes, I know, we need to be extremely careful, detail-oriented and accurate when we write and should repeatedly proofread the content before it is published or sent to the recipient.

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How to build an email list that gets 35% open rate? (As explained by a full-time blogger)

email list building

Blogging has come past its identity as a hobby. Today, in 2020, it is a serious and definite source of income for many.

Full-time blogging is not easy and it is exactly for the same reason that not many people are able to create sustainable income out of it.

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